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Gift Boxes: Anthologies

Anthologies Play With the Dream Team Recruit forces from across the scope of time. The Magic: The Gathering - Anthologies box set combines the might of two armies assembled from the wide range of Dominia's history. Relive the Magic TCG's past and revel in its present with the Anthologies box set. Anthologies. Get your hands on history.

Gift Boxes: Battle Royal

Battleroyale You'll need every facet of your personality to survive a Battle Royale. game. Diplomat. Comedian. Traitor. The Battle Royale box set brings all of the maneuvering and outright conniving of multiplayer play straight to your gaming table. Four perfectly balanced decks specifically designed for multiplayer games. Countless ways to win. Or lose. Battle Royale - All at once. Once and for all.

Gift Boxes: Beatdown

Beatdown Get ready for a beating! The Beatdown Gift Box for Magic: The Gathering is here, and it is ONE BAD-ASS SET. Don't believe us? Take it up with creatures like Mahamoti Djinn, Erhnam Djinn, and Sengir Vampire. It's BIGGER, too. Bigger creatures. Bigger combat. Bigger hurt! Grab a friend and tear them apart. ("Get well" card not included.) Play with pain. Deliver a Beatdown.

Gift Boxes: Collector's Edition (Domestic)


Gift Boxes: International Edition

Gift Boxes: Deckmaster

Deckmasters The Creator vs. The Champion The Magic: The Gathering - Deckmasters box set showcases the ultimate battle of wits. Richard Garfield, the legendary creator of Magic, faces off against Jon Finkel, a Magic World Champion and legend in the making. Which one is smarter? Which one is sneakier? Which one will win? Play the decks they personally designed - decks specifically built to beat the stuffing out of each other - and decide for yourself. Two volitile decks, constructed by two explosive players. Get the message? Play with them. Learn from them. Hold the stuff of greatness in your hands. Deckmasters. The Ultimate battle. Over and Over again.