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From the Vault: Dragons

Ftvdragons From the Vault: Dragons (FtV:D) is a limited edition Magic: The Gathering boxed set to commemorate the game's fifteenth anniversary. The set includes 15 limited edition dragon cards, six of which were given new art. The cards are all foil, using a new method of "foiling" the cards. FtV:D was released in English only

From the Vault: Exiled

Ftvexiled It is said there were once fifteen Magic: The Gathering cards so potent, they were banned or restricted from the known realms of competition. But in the years that have passed, the game has evolved and these elder cards are once again in play. Master these weapons from ages past and give your opponent a beating of historic proportions. From the Vault: Exiled features 15 premium foil cards, each one having been banned or restricted from organized play at some point in Magic's history. Grab your copy of this limited-edition box of power, on sale for a limited time beginning August 28, 2009.

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