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Sphinx's Revelation


(LSV) It might not be a revelation, but I really like drawing cards. I played more than my fair share ofBlue Sun’s Zeniths, and this has some definite advantages. While it is worse as a finisher, and certainly against control, the fact that it gains you a ton of life makes it way better in the matchups that Blue Sun’s was bad in. That is definitely more important, and if the result is that you have to find some other way to win the game, I’m sure 7 life and 7 cards will probably get you there.

It’s also kind of funny that this benefits from counterspells being bad by resolving more often, but is also hurt by decks that play it leaving mana up and not being able to do much with it. It also provides a strong reason to actually get Rewind into a deck, and I hope to gain much life off this card over the next two years.

Extra Info

Color: Multi-Color
Card Text: You gain X life and draw X cards.
Rarity: M
Cost: XWUU
Card Type: Instant
Artist: Slawomir Maniak
Name: Sphinx's Revelation
Finish: Regular
Card Number: 200
Set Name: Return to Ravnica

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