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Archenemy Schemes



Chronicles Released in July 1995, this 125-card set was created in an effort to satisfy players' demand for out-of-print cards. Over half of the cards were from Legends;, but the set also included cards from Arabian Nights;, Antiquities;, and The Dark;.

Coldsnap Theme Deck Reprints

Commander 2011

Commander 2011 Oversized Cards

Commander 2013

Commander 2013 Oversized Cards

Commander 2014

Commander 2014 Oversized Cards

Commander 2015

Commander's Arsenal

Commander's Arsenal Oversized Cards


*Conspiracy: Take the Crown*

Duels of the Planeswalkers


Eternal Masters

Modern Event Deck

Modern Masters

Modern Masters 2015

Planechase (2009 Edition)


Planechase Planes (2009 Edition)

Planechase (2012 Edition)

Planechase Planes (2012 Edition)

Portal 1

Portal Portal and Portal The Second Age where the first two releases of the Magic: The Gathering introductory level game set. The latest release of this product is now called Starter.

Portal Second Age

Portalsecondage Portal and Portal The Second Age where the first two releases of the Magic: The Gathering introductory level game set. The latest release of this product is now called Starter.

Portal 3 Kingdoms

Portalthreekingdoms Portal Three Kingdoms is a starter-level Magic product based on the famous Chinese epic of the Three Kingdoms. It contains 180 cards depicting the events and characters of the Three Kingdoms story. Renowned Chinese artists have created illustrations for the entire set.

Starter 1999

Starter If you are a new Magic: The Gathering trading card game player, then the action starts here. In this intense game of strategy, players command powerful creatures as they do battle to reduce each other's score from 20 to 0. Each player uses a unique deck of cards designed with plenty of strategic game play options. You choose how to battle, but don't underestimate the luck of the draw!


Unglued Serious Fun for Eggspert Players! The new Unglued supplement for the Magic: The Gathering; TCG takes a humorous look at serious competition. But don't let that fool you. A no-holds-barred look at the Magic TCG, black-bordered and highly collectible land cards, Chicken cards, plus a ton of contests and special events equals serious Unglued fun. Make sure you're in on the joke.


Unhinged After ten years. Wait, make that thousands of years, the war between the donkeys and the monkeys has escalated to the point where, um, where parrots have turned carnviorous and pigs are forced to wear togas. You see, there's war and chaos and fighting. Lots of fighting. Let's see... oh, there's five factions that have evolved as the chaotic war wages on. We haven't been to this plane before and who knows when we're coming back, so I'm not sure what impact it has with the larger Magic story. I'm sure some object in the world is a piece of Karn somehow. Who am I kidding? There's probably like five of you still reading. Look, I'll be honest with you. Unhinged has no story. There's no novel forthcoming. Nothing has any logic to it. There's no point to anything. It's just funny. It's unlike any Magic expansion you've ever played. Well, except Unglued. It's a lot like Unglued. But bigger. And weirder. And funnier.


Vanguard The Vanguard supplements consist of oversized cards that modify the game. A Vanguard card is selected before the game begins, adjusting a player's starting and maximum hand size and starting life total. Any abilities printed on a Vanguard card are played exactly like those of an in-play Magic card; however, these abilities have no color, and damage from them isn't damage from a permanent of any type or a source of any color. A Vanguard card isn't a Magic card, so it can't be affected by spells or abilities.

1. Your starting life may be higher or lower than 20, depending on the card.
2. Your starting and maximum hand size may be higher or lower than seven, depending on the card.
3. Here's the fun part: Each Vanguard card gives you some benefit that might be considered "ba-roken" in normal Magic play. For example, your creatures are unaffected by summoning sickness, or you draw an extra card each turn.

Popular variants include each player randomly choosing a Vanguard card to play, or rotating Vanguard cards at determined intervals during a multiplayer game. But, of course, you can use Vanguard cards any way you want.