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Battle for Zendikar Prerelease

The Battle for Zendikar prerelease will occur on September 26th / 27th. The links below will take you to the preregistration page.
Q: When is the prerelease exactly?
Friday - Midnight
Saturday - 11AM, 4PM (2HG)
Sunday - 11AM (2HG), 4PM

Q: What does the prerelease give me?
You'll be receiving a pre-release kit with 6 Battle for Zendikar Boosters, a promotional card and a promo 20-sided spindown dice. If you enter a Two-Headed Giant event, both you and your partner will receive a kit.
For Two-Headed Giant you'll build and play together as a team. For both types of events you'll then play 3-4 rounds (# listed on flight) of swiss and based on your record at the end, you'll receive Battle for Zendikar booster packs based on your record.
Q: How much is it to enter?
It is twenty-five dollars to sign up online and will be thirty at the door. Two-Headed Giant is fifty online and fifty-five at the door.
How many rounds are the events?

The Midnight and 2HG events are three rounds. The Saturday and Sunday single flights are both four. This is both to minimize the long days involved playing in back to back flights and ensure our prizes stay consistent for the entire weekend.
Preregistration will be closed for the midnight at 6PM the day of the Midnight prerelease.
Preregistration will be closed for Saturday and Sunday events at 12:01AM September 25th.
If you have any questions, please email events@channelfireball.com