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Molten Hydra

Molten Hydra

NM-Mint, English, limit 1
$0.08  / $0.10  credit
  • Details
    Color: Red
    Card Text: 1RR Put a +1/+1 counter on Molten Hydra. T, Remove all +1/+1 counters from Molten Hydra Molten Hydra deals X damage to target creature or player, where X is the number of counters removed this way.
    Rarity: R
    Cost: 1R
    Pow/Tgh: 1/1
    Card Type: Creature - Hydra
    Artist: Greg Staples
    Name: Molten Hydra
    Finish: Regular
    Card Number: 85/144
    Set Name: Urza's Legacy