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Theros Beyond Death Collector Booster Pack

Theros Beyond Death Collector Booster Pack

Cannot be sold internationally.
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  • Description

    There are fifteen cards plus a foil token in each Collector Booster found in eight "slots" in the booster. The slots are as follows:

    • Two premium foil basic Nyx Lands—these are the full-art lands showcasing Nyx art. Every Collector Booster comes with two foil version lands.
    • Eight premium foil common, uncommon, or non-Nyx basic lands—there are 111 commons (including non-Nyx basic lands) and 80 uncommons in the set. Each booster will have eight cards from among those cards.
    • One THB ancillary card
    • One non-foil rare or mythic with the extended-art frame
    • One foil rare or mythic rare—these can be either standard frame or extended-art frame
    • One non-foil Saga, constellation showcase-frame, or borderless planeswalker card
    • One foil constellation showcase-frame or borderless planewalker card
    • One foil double-sided token