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*ChannelFireball Battle Box*

*ChannelFireball Battle Box*

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  • Description
    For an in depth guide to Battle Box, check out Ben Stark's article here. The ChannelFireball Battle Box comes with the Basic Lands and Guildgates needed for gameplay and contains the following cards:


    Absorb Mana Leak
    Angel of Mercy Misdirection
    Annul Mist Raven
    Arc Trail Mistblade Shinobi
    Architects of Will Morbid Plunder
    Arctic Aven Mortarpod
    Arrow Volley Trap Mortify
    Augur of Bolas Mortis Dogs
    Aven Cloudchaser Murderous Redcap
    Aven Fisher Mystic Snake
    Aven Riftwatcher Naturalize
    Baloth Cage Trap Naya Charm
    Bant Charm Naya Sojourners
    Bant Sojourners Negate
    Barter in Blood Ninja of the Deep Hours
    Belligerent Hatchling Noxious Hatchling
    Black Sun's Zenith Nylea's Disciple
    Blightning Oblivion Ring
    Blightwidow Oculus
    Blind Hunter Ohran Viper
    Bloodrite Invoker Origin Spellbomb
    Boggart Ram-Gang Oust
    Bone to Ash Overgrown Battlement
    Boros Charm Peace Strider
    Boulderfall Peel from Reality
    Brainbite Perilous Myr
    Brain Maggot Pestermite
    Break Asunder Phyrexian Rager
    Briarpack Alpha Pierce Strider
    Burst Lightning Pillory of the Sleepless
    Cackling Counterpart Pitfall Trap
    Call of the Conclave Pith Driller
    Capsize Plague Myr
    Carven Caryatid Plated Geopede
    Castigate Plaxmanta
    Centaur Healer Primal Boost
    Char Psionic Blast
    Citanul Woodreaders Purge the Profane
    Clear Putrefy
    Coalition Honor Guard Putrid Leech
    Coiling Oracle Pyknite
    Complicate Pyrite Spellbomb
    Condemn Qasali Pridemage
    Contagion Clasp Ravenous Rats
    Courier's Capsule Read the Bones
    Court Hussar Reassembling Skeleton
    Cremate Recollect
    Crypt Ghast Recover
    Dakra Mystic Remand
    Dawnglare Invoker Repulse
    Day of Judgment Rhox War Monk
    Deadshot Minotaur Rift Bolt
    Death Pulse River Boa
    Delay Rot Wolf
    Descend Upon the Sinful Sanctum Gargoyle
    Desperate Ravings Savage Twister
    Devour Flesh Saving Grasp
    Dimir Doppelganger Scrap
    Disciple of Phenax Scryb Ranger
    Disfigure Sea Gate Oracle
    Dismember Sejiri Merfolk
    Dispel Serrated Arrows
    Dissipate Sever the Bloodline
    Divination Shambleshark
    Doom Blade Shelter
    Drag Down Shrewd Hatchling
    Duress Sickleslicer
    Elgaud Inquisitor Sign in Blood
    Elvish Visionary Simian Grunts
    Ember Hauler Skinwing
    Erdwal Ripper Slagstorm
    Essence Scatter Slaughterhorn
    Executioner's Capsule Slice and Dice
    Eyes in the Skies Smokespew Invoker
    Faith's Fetters Solar Blast
    Farbog Boneflinger Soul Manipulation
    Fiend Hunter Spell Pierce
    Filigree Familiar Spike Feeder
    Fire // Ice Spiketail Hatchling
    Firebolt Sprouting Thrinax
    Fires of Undeath Staggershock
    Flamewave Invoker Starlight Invoker
    Fleshbag Marauder Steamcore Weird
    Flinthoof Boar Stonewood Invoker
    Forbidden Alchemy Stormbound Geist
    Gang of Devils Submerge
    Gatekeeper of Malakir Summoner's Bane
    Ghor-Clan Rampager Sunfire Balm
    Glint Hawk Idol Suture Priest
    Gloomwidow Telling Time
    Go for the Throat Terminate
    Griffin Guide Think Twice
    Grim Lavamancer Thirst for Knowledge
    Griptide Brain Maggot
    Grixis Sojourners Time to Feed
    Gruesome Discovery Tower Geist
    Gryff Vanguard Tragic Slip
    Horizon Scholar Tree of Redemption
    Impulse Tribute to Hunger
    Inquisitor Exarch Tumble Magnet
    Into the Void Ulvenwald Bear
    Ith, High Arcanist Undead Gladiator
    Izzet Charm Undermine
    Izzet Chronarch Vampire Nighthawk
    Journey to Nowhere Vapor Snag
    Jund Charm Voice of the Provinces
    Jund Sojourners Volt Charge
    Kavu Titan Wall of Omens
    Kederekt Creeper Wall of Roots
    Kird Ape Watchwolf
    Kor Skyfisher Whispers of the Muse
    Lavafume Invoker Wild Hunger
    Leafcrown Dryad Wild Mongrel
    Leatherback Baloth Wild Nacatl
    Lightning Bolt Wildheart Invoker
    Lightning Helix Withdraw
    Loam Lion Withered Wretch
    Logic Knot Wolfbitten Captive 
    Loxodon Gatekeeper Xathrid Necromancer
    Loyal Cathar // Unhallowed Cathar Zealous Persecution