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Ojutais Summons

Ojutai's Summons

NM-Mint, English, 20 in stock
  • Description
    See LSV's evaluation of this card, and every other card in Dragons of Tarkir, in his Limited and Constructed Set Reviews.
  • Details
    Color: Blue
    Card Text: Put a 2/2 blue Djinn Monk creature token with flying onto the battlefield. Rebound (If you cast this spell from your hand, exile it as it resolves. At the beginning of your next upkeep, you may cast this card from exile without paying its mana cost.)
    Rarity: C
    Cost: 3UU
    Card Type: Sorcery
    Artist: Jakus Kasper
    Finish: Regular
    Card Number: 068/264
    Set Name: Dragons of Tarkir