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Blacephalon GX - 52/214 - Ultra Rare

Blacephalon GX - 52/214 - Ultra Rare

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    Set: Sun & Moon - Lost Thunder
    Rarity: Ultra Rare
    Card Number: 52/214
    Attack #1: [F] Bursting Burn. You opponent's Active Pokemon is now Burned and Confused.
    Weakness: Water
    Retreat Cost: 2
    HP: 180
    Attack #2: [FF] Mind Blown: 50x damage. Put any amount of [F] Energy attached to your Pokemon in the Lost Zon. This attack does 50 damage for each card put in the Lost Zone in this way.
    Attack #3: [F] Burst GX. Discard 1 of your Prize cards. If it's an Energy card, attach it to 1 of your Pokemon.
    Stage: Basic
    Card Type: Fire
    Manufacturer: The Pokemon Company